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Spain wedding photographer | Destination Wedding Photography

I’m a Wedding Photographer in Spain and I photograph destination weddings in Spain in cities such as Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid and places like Girona and the entire Mediterranean coast.

Thank you very much for spending a few minutes of your time looking at my pictures. It makes me very happy that you could consider me the photographer of our wedding. If you are looking for a wedding photographer with a different approach, something between fashion and journalism, let’s talk, I would really love to photograph your wedding!

The people in my photos are not professional models. They`re people who fell in love. These images were composed not only from skill behind the camera, but also by creating an environment where our couples will feel comfortable and relaxed. These two factors are all that is required for me to create lovely images that will create yours memories.

I express my inspiration through creative portraiture inspired by fashion and editorial photography, Especially to create your couple portraits. But the rest of the day my source of style, no doubt, is photojournalism. Using this approach I`m able to give life to my photographs in a way that will be consistent in all situations and settings.

Whether it’s a commitment or a bridal session or an entire wedding, I always ask you to try to enjoy your day without thinking of me, emotion, laugh, cry, eat, kiss and embrace everything you want, I will be there for Leave memory about it. All of my couples rest assured knowing that I will always capture the emotion of the moment, but for this I ask you freedom of movement and action. Not all weddings are the same and neither are my photographs. I ask you please to trust me, since I want to go beyond the traditional portrait and look for more current framings.

“I know each wedding has its own feeling, and I try to document it”

I like being close to the couples I’m photographing, it’s the only way I know that photography really speaks about that couple.

“I will document your wedding in Spain, if you leave me.

Beyond the obvious, I will photograph the light of day,the emotion of all and the

feeling of the wedding day”


Please leave me a message for all requests concerning your future marriage with the contact form located below. I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you to indicate the wedding date so I can check my availability. Tell me more about you! What is your project? If it’s a wedding/elopement, when and where will it be?  How many guests?  What’s the plan?

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