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Basque Country Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer in spain

My name is Monika Zaldo and I’m a Wedding Photographer based in San Sebastian City and Bilbao City, Basque Country, Spain. I photograph destination weddings in Spain, not only in the Basque Country, but also in cities like Barcelona, Malaga, Costa Brava and South of France and anywhere you want to celebrate your destination wedding.

I must admit it: I feel really lucky when year after year all these lovely couples choose me as their wedding photographer. My photography has a documentary nature (Documentary Wedding Photography), and it focuses on capturing all those special moments and their inherent beauty with no interruptions or nuisances so that every moment keeps its own rhythm up.

It is very gratifying to see how couples travel to the Basque Country with their relatives and friends in order to have an unforgettable destination wedding, and I feel deeply flattered when they choose me as their wedding photographer.  But other times, I travel to photograph the weddings destiny of couples by the South of France and all Spain; This is an honor and a great adventure for me.

This is a brief summary of my work as a wedding photographer. All the photographs shown have been taken at 100% real weddings in different cities and villages from Basque Country, such as Bilbao or San Sebastián – Donostia – San Sebastian.

I hope you like my wedding an engagement photographs of 2016.

We keep this love in a photograph
We make these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
And times forever frozen still
So you can keep me inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans

(Ed Sheehan)

wedding photographer in the basque country

Wedding photography int the basque country

Bride and Groom - Monika Zaldo

Getting Ready - Wedding in Spain

photographer in Spain

wedding photographer


wedding in the Basque Country

the groom - wedding in Basque Country

wedding photographer in Spain

Fotógrafos de bodas en San Sebastian - Donosti

Engagement in Donostia

wedding photography in Basque Country


Wedding in Spain

Fotógrafos de bodas en San Sebastian - Donosti

Fotógrafos de bodas en San Sebastian - Donosti

Destination wedding in Spain

boda en malaga, Monika Zaldo1-17


Boda en Sevilla realizada por Monika Zaldo


Boda en Sevilla realizada por Monika Zaldo






engagement in basque country

Wedding photographer in Spain

Wedding in Spain






wedding in the Basque Country









Please leave me a message for all requests concerning your future marriage with the contact form located below. I will answer as soon as possible. Thank you to indicate the wedding date so I can check my availability. Tell me more about you! What is your project? If it’s a wedding/elopement, when and where will it be? How many guests? What’s the plan?

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